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People take the time to tell us about the value they receive from The Smith Manoeuvre ™️, so we thought you’d like to read some of their reviews and testimonials.

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“Robinson delivers more value per page than any other book on personal finance that I’ve read in recent years.  His light-hearted and striaghtforward approach makes this a must-read for Canadian homeowners looking for innovative ways to save tax, reduce debt expense and accelerate wealth creation.”

Jason HenneberryPresident, Technology & Partner Integrations, Tango Financial

“I wish I had known about The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ back when I bought my home.  It would have made burning my mortgage a lot easier!  Make your money work for you, not the other way around.  Build wealth, with no new cash required.  Seem too good to be true?  It’s not.  This is a must-read for any and every Canadian with a mortgage.  Follow in the footsteps of the wealthy by making your mortgage tax-deductible on your way to mortgage-free financial freedom.”

Sean Cooper Bestselling Author of Burn Your Mortgage

“I first read The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ in my final year of high school.  It was the very first finance book I’d been exposed to, and the ideas expressed by Smith gave me a strong foothold for financial security for the rest of my life.  After having implemented the strategy for several years I can testify not only to its simplicity, but also to the incredible financial impact that it has on homeowners and especially young families.  Not only does The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ allow us to invest to grow our wealth without any strain on our budget, but it actually increases the amount of Child Tax Benefit that we receive, putting more money in our pockets each month and helping ease the financial burden of raising a family.  This book should be mandatory reading for all Canadians!”

Megan Evans, Victoria B.C.

“I’ve had the book for about a year and a half now and have put The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ to work with the help of a financial planner. My husband and I are changed people (financially speaking). Where we were riddled with fear of investment in the past, we are now having a little fun with it while remaining in the “low to moderate risk” group. We’ve learned so much and come so far in the past year and a half and our financial situation improved so much that we want to spread the good word to everyone we know. ”

Anne-Maire Choquette

“Fraser Smith’s original book opened my eyes on how to build wealth in Canada.  Now his son, Robinson Smith, both simplifies the concept and provides ways to accelerate it with Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom.”

Tom Drake founder of MapleMoney.com

“Just wanted to thank Mr. Smith for caring enough to write such a significant book. I will definitely be implementing his system ASAP.

An appreciative mortgage/home owner.”

Rohan Wallen

“I’ll keep this short by saying thank you very much for your lifetime achievement of producing a very useful book and sharing it with the public. It has helped my clients tremendously and has created wealth in my own situation as well.”

Andre CyrMontreal, Quebec

“I first got introduced to The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ when a friend mentioned your book to me. I have since read it and found it quite interesting. Being a financial planner, when I first started to read the book I thought there wasn’t much new in this UNTIL I got to the part about arranging the mortgage financing. I hadn’t heard of any banks arranging this sort of a wrap around, re-advanceable mortgage the way it is described in the book. Innovative!”

Ray Schwalme, CFP, BAYork Financial Group

“Loved your book! Absolutely fabulous! I ordered a copy of your book last week and I read it cover to cover in two evenings. As a former financial planner, I had a sense very early into your book that this would be a life changing experience for me. I have already called my bank about putting your “manoeuvre” into action.”

Tony Richardson, Project Manager AdvisorNet Communications Inc.

“The book is an excellent example of integrating opportunities in a new way to everyone’s benefit and I appreciate the fact that it takes advantage of no one. It will be beneficial to the country as more homeowners use The Smith Manoeuvre ™️.

Tom SuttonVancouver, B.C.

“Loved your book – a few twists to the ‘debt-swap’ I’ve been implementing for years. What a simple and sensible strategy for the everyday Canadian.”

Stefano Francescut, CFPBranch Manager, Investment Planning Counsel of Canada

“I’m so excited about going through my client base and applying your strategy and getting new clients by doing the same. I’ve been helping people convert non-deductible debt to deductible debt since I entered the business in 1995. I have never had people borrow to pay their deductible interest which has created cashflow issues and prevented many from participating. I had to read the Income Tax Act for my own peace of mind. The section about deducting interest on interest is actually found in 20(1) (d) which refers to the interest deduction found in 20(c).”

David Dagley, CFPWindsor, Ontario

“Smith argues in the language of revolutionaries (albeit financial planning revolutionaries) that he’s offering members of the Canadian middle class a way to achieve financial emancipation, allowing “the mass population to use tools usually available only to the richest 5 per cent of the population.”

Manoeuvre Money From Your House IE Money

“I read your book, The Smith Manoeuvre ™️, on the train from Toronto to Ottawa last night. Even though I had had an 18 hour day, the concepts you shared were so powerful that I couldn’t sleep last night!…Since then, I’ve potentially two new clients after only a five minute conversation with each of them.”

Karl Ruban, B.Comm.(Hons.),CA,CPA,CFP,RFPToronto, Ontario

“Mr. Novak: I recently discovered this wonderful gem of a book which I am sure you are familiar with, The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ by Fraser Smith. After only reading two thirds of the book, I am so excited to start the program…. I am contemplating taking a trip to Kelowna just for a consultation with you, to determine if my family and I are in a position to take advantage of the “Smith Manoeuvre ™️” plan, and get help with implementing as much of the plan as financially possible.”

Eric Groom Airdrie, Alberta

“I would like to tell you that I introduced your strategy to my financial planner and he was very excited about it. He said he’d start to offer this strategy to other clients. Again thank you for the great idea.”

Mark LibantOttawa, Ont.

“I am halfway through your book, but haven’t been able to finish it, for two reasons. One, I can’t read it during the day because I have two small sons at home who keep me very busy, and two, I can’t read it at night because I get too excited reading about all these great ideas, that I can’t go to sleep.”

Daphne StuartCourtenay, BC

“Fraser Smith’s door ought to have been knocked down hundreds of times. It ought to have been torn from its hinges and thrust aside as mortgage-weary Canadians stormed in to see the man who could help them pay down that mortgage faster and write off the interest like their American cousins.”

“Financial Planner Manoeuvres Rules and Banks to Your Benefit “

Andrew DuffyTimes Colonist

Really simple. Really lovely. And legal several times over, thanks to RevCan, which has tested the deductibility of investment interest several times and, in November [2001], lost in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Fraser, with the help of the bankers at VanCiity Credit Union (the second-largest credit union in the world), has been engineering this feat for all kinds of people for years, from chefs and hostesses, to school principals and corporate presidents. His just-published book is clean, spare and witty.”

“Borrow Your Way to Tax Freedom”

Elizabeth NicksonNational Post

“Ms. Nickson … Your column [Borrow your way to Tax Freedom] was the newspaper equivalent of clouds lifting after about 7 months of overcast skies…I am 37 years old, married with 2 young kids… My wife is a stay @ home mom, who works part-time one day per week.

I am probably earning double what I originally did 10 years ago, but I might as well paint a picture of a sitting duck on my front, a bull’s-eye on my back, grab a megaphone and yell “TAX ME” inside the RevCan office.

I am going to arrange to meet with a financial advisor next week and get the ball rolling on this. I’ll let you know how it works out. You certainly did me and thousands of other Canadian readers a big favour today, by offering a glimmer of hope. The best way control the beast that is government is simply not to feed it.”

JamesWhitby, Ontario Taxpayer

“A must read for those looking to reduce their tax bill and increase their financial security.”

Canadian Taxpayers FederationThe Taxpayer

“You’re converting mortgage interest into a 100-per-cent tax deduction, year after year, which will garner you nice fat tax refunds.”

B.C. Business"Home Leverage"

“My sincerest thanks to you for sharing the wisdom contained in your magnificent book “The Smith Manoeuvre ™️“.

I completed the reading this morning and was impressed with your very clear, concise and exacting explanation of the leverage and the many advantages, in using ‘good’ debt to enhance one’s net worth.”

Although my mortgage is only in the $85,000 range and the fact that I am rapidly approaching the senior- citizen category, I want to take advantage of your strategy, if for no other reason than the pocket books of my kids, when I die at the ripe age of 130. Please accept my thanks for sharing such vital and sensible information.”

Tony QuarlessRetired Executive Officer, Victoria Real Estate Board

“Great book and great software…. and thanks for the technical support… worked like a charm.”

Steve Hodges Hull, Quebec

“…a snowballing virtuous circle that lets you tweak the noses of both the banks and the taxman.”

Jonathan ChevreauNational Post

“Any time we make a mortgage payment – say it’s a 5% mortgage – most of us have to remember, we’re earning 10%, giving half of it away in tax to leave ourselves with that 5% worth in the mortgage. Having it tax deductible is just a huge differentiation in the calibre of debt you’ve got.”

Michael Campbell, Host of MoneyTalksCKNW Interview

“Smith deserves credit for introducing debt-conversion strategies to a wider audience.”

Michael Kane, Vancouver Sun"Book promises to liberate the little guy"

“Smith outlines the techniques for making a mortgage tax deductible in Canada, complete with an endorsement from Preston Manning.”

Prince George Free Press

“Too many Canadians are delaying their investment program until it is too late. His [Smith’s] answer is to turn bad debt into good debt – in other words, converting the largest debt of a person’s lifetime – their mortgage – into a means of literally, having their cake and eating it too.”

Peninsula News Review"Try The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ on your mortgage"

I felt it was propitious that Fraser Smith had targeted VanCity to champion his unique financial strategy for mortgage holders in Canada. The Smith Manoeuvre ™️, as it became to be known, was simple and elegant. We attracted many new customers over the years by virtue of our support of the program.

My question back then still stands today – “Why isn’t every Canadian making his mortgage tax deductible?” Perhaps the publishing of The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ will make it happen.”

Larry Bellformer CEO, VanCity

“As Leader of the Reform Party and a founder of the Canadian Alliance, one of my greatest concerns has been the excessively high taxes paid by Canadians. While tax relief through tax reform is urgently needed and will eventually come, the strategy proposed by Fraser Smith offers every Canadian who has a mortgage the possibility of significant tax relief right now. I would encourage you to read Fraser’s book and discuss his strategy with your banker or financial planner as soon as possible.”

Preston ManningFormer Leader of the Official Opposition

“As a columnist, author, tax paying citizen with a house mortgage, I may not be your “average” Canadian. I do know that my future is significantly brighter since I implemented The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ to convert my interest expense into tax deductions.

In addition to my new, free tax deduction refund cheques which I have received for two years now, The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ has allowed me to start building an investment portfolio that otherwise was going to have to wait until my mortgage was paid off. Sooner is better. Much better.”

Elizabeth Nickson, MBANational Post Columnist

The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ is a tactical diamond-in-the-rough strategy that should be considered by every Canadian homeowner and investor. Robinson’s presentation is simple, easy to understand, engaging, and has inspired me to incorporate this brilliant strategy for myself. Thanks for making me a millionaire in the making!

Steve Arnesonco-founder of The REInvestors

“Amazing…You really just changed my life…People, buy this guy’s book…”