Robinson Smith, financial educator, speaker and best-selling author of Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.

In 2006, Robinson Smith returned from China where he was working in investment banking, to Victoria to work with his father, Fraser, the financial strategist who pioneered The Smith Manoeuvre. After joining his father at the advisory, Robinson helped over 500 families implement the strategy one at a time.

In 2018, Robinson sold his investment advisory practice in order to write the follow-up to his father’s original book and reach even more Canadians. Robinson now dedicates his time writing, speaking and training both homeowners and financial professionals in The Smith Manoeuvre strategy in order to continue on with his father’s original mission to give every Canadian homeowner the opportunity to say “yes” to the question, “Do you want to make your mortgage tax deductible?” Robinson has appeared on television, radio, personal finance blogs and has spoken in front of the general homeowning public and to financial professionals.

His book, Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, was published in November, 2019, and reached #1 status in 22 categories on Amazon on launch day. Robinson has also developed the new and vastly improved Smithman Calculator which homeowners can use to forecast their own personal net benefit due to the implementation of The Smith Manoeuvre and any accelerators which may be available to them.  He now spends his time writing, speaking, teaching and training Canadian homeowners and financial professionals on how to make Canadian mortgages tax-deductible.

He lives in Victoria, BC, with his wife, Heidi, and their dog, Harley.

In the Media

Turn Your Biggest Liability into Your Biggest Asset

Are you looking to supercharge your financial future? In this episode, we dive deep into The Smith Manoeuvre, an ingenious method that can help you convert your non-deductible mortgage into a powerhouse of wealth. Joining us is our esteemed guest, Robinson Smith, the founder of Smith Consulting Group. Robinson expounds how The Smith Manoeuvre empowers Canadians to leverage debt, minimize non-deductible debt, and maximize tax-deductible debt, ultimately propelling them towards financial freedom. Don’t miss out on this chance to gain financial freedom and secure your future. Tune in now!

How to Make Your Mortgage Tax Deductable Canada with Randy Selzer

Robinson returns for a second time to Randy Selzer’s show to discuss The Smith Manoeuvre and how it applies in today’s current high rate and high inflation environment.

Freeflow Chat with Mitch Parmasar

Robinson and Mitch take less of a structured approach on this recorded Facebook Live interview. Free flowing conversation between the two of them (okay, maybe Robinson hogs the mic a bit…) but it feels good to get away from the powerpoint every once in a while!

The Smith Manoeuvre Explained – with Nolan Matthias

Nolan Matthias owns North America’s first-ever B-Corp certified mortgage company. What does that mean? I don’t know, but it sure sounds impressive. Here he takes some time out to satisfy his viewers’ requests for more information on tax-deductible mortgages.

The Vancouver Life Podcast/Youtube

Dan Wurtele and Ryan Dash run a popular podcast and Youtube channel providing information for those in real estate. Ryan was taking a bit of a holiday so Dan had me all to himself – for better or worse…

Darren Voros Youtube Interview – Part 1

A short 20 minutes documenting a budding bromance with a bit of tax-deductible mortgages thrown in to keep things light. If you’re tight on time, this is the interview to watch.

Darren Voros Youtube Interview – Part 2

And it continues…Part 2 of the interview with Darren Voros. Here we talk about the Accelerators for The Smith Manoeuvre as I battle the sun coming through the window.

Glo Says Let’s Talk Local, Vancouver!

Gloria Chong is a very active Vancouver-based podcaster determined to educate her fellow citizens in a number of different areas and bring them valuable content. Here Gloria interviews Robinson Smith on how Canadians (and Vancouverites) can enjoy tax deductible mortgages.

The Smith Manoeuvre and the Pineapple Podcast with Mitch Parmasar

Mitch Parmesar is a life & success coach and hosts the Pineapple Podcast where he and his guests discuss all things personal finance and real estate. Not only is he a real estate entrepreneur and knowledgeable young man, he’s also a real nice guy.  Mitch and I discuss how The Smith Manoeuvre can help Canadian homeowners with their personal mortgages and how their real estate investments can help.

The Smith Manoeuvre for Medical Professionals

Dr. Vu Kiet Tran is dedicated to improving the financial well-being of medical practitioners and in this interview with Robinson, he learns more about how The Smith Manoeuvre can help medical professionals.


Addy is a unique investment platform whereby Canadians can invest in real estate for as little as $1. Co-founder Stephen Jagger interviews Robinson on The Smith Manoeuvre to get an idea how Canadians can combine their mortgage conversion strategy with investing in real estate – an asset class that no longer is the domain solely of the wealthy.

Maple Money podcast

Tom Drake of Maple Money, a leading Canadian personal finance podcast, interviews Robinson on The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ strategy. Robinson explains the history behind the strategy, why Canadians need to consider making their mortgage tax deductible, and the many benefits that can enjoy by doing so.


Well folks, this one gets a little more personal…. Neil Ball from England, host of The Entrepreneur Way, interviews me and does a bit deeper dive into who I am as an ‘entrepreneur’. A somewhat ‘opening of the kimono’ as regards who I am, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it. Enjoy!


Leading Victoria-based realtor and radio host, Tony Joe, interviews Robinson on CFAX’s The Whole Home Show with Tony Joe.
Access broadcast

New accreditation may lead to growth in use of the ‘Smith Manoeuvre’ – The Globe and Mail

The “Smith Manoeuvre” has been a niche strategy in Canada’s investment industry for decades, but a new training program and accreditation seek to professionalize the leveraged approach and, in turn, increase the number of financial advisers offering it to clients.

The Global Consultant

Robinson is interviewed for The Global Consultant Podcast. Wonderful host Shirin Purewal sits back and let’s him blast through the important elements of The Smith Manoeuvre (time was tight…) The video includes listener questions and powerpoint slides to help aid in the explanation of the strategy.”

SynergyREN Interview

Synergy Real Estate Network is an organization dedicated to educating Canadians how to successfully invest in real estate. In this episode, Sua Truong interviews Robinson who explains how Canadian homeowners can generate tax relief, grow their investment portfolio and eliminate their non-deductible mortgage debt quicker while using real estate investments to really turbocharge the process. Special thanks to Andrew Schulhof for organizing the event!

ExploreFI Canada – Case Study

ExploreFI Canada is a trio of self-described ‘Financial Independence Fanatics’ and their guests and followers stem from a diverse range of backgrounds with one thing in common: they are all intent on achieving financial independence as young as possible. On this episode, we go through a case study using the actual numbers of Ryan, one of the hosts, to look at the financial opportunity lost (but lessons learned…) due to focusing on paying out the mortgage instead of converting it from non-deductible debt to deductible debt. I think Ryan almost cries at one point.

Ozzie Jurock Interview

Ozzie Jurock is a 3x best-selling real estate-focused author and has appeared on GlobalTV, CityTV, Michael Campbell’s ‘Money Talk’, in the Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ and dozens of magazines. He was also was named by Vancouver Magazine as one of Vancouver’s 45 brightest people. Watch this where Ozzie interviews Robinson (and Robinson tries to just keep up…)

Tawcan Podcast

Bob Lai operates Tawcan.com out of Vancouver, BC. Tawcan is a website dedicated to providing information and education on personal finance and financial independence – and it looks like he’s done a pretty good job of it for himself…. Bob has been interviewed by a number of publications – most you’ll recognize like Money Sense, Globe and Mail and Forbes. I think I should have asked ask him for some media tips while I had him…!

The REInvestors Presentation

Co-founders of the Victoria-based REInvestors, Randy Molland and Steve Arneson, stand aside and let Robinson and Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional, Megan Betker, fill in their nationwide members on how real estate investments in particular can greatly accelerate the mortgage conversion process…I know, sounds kinda dull, but we had fun nonetheless and Megan was great!

Globe Advisor’s Best of 2021

The Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional Accreditation Program has made it on the Globe and Mail’s annual Best Trends list.

Okanagan Real Estate Investment Group Interview

Robinson and Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional mortgage broker, Shaune Impey, go through the strategy to OREIG, a Kelowna-based group established to ‘connect like-minded people in the Okanagan real estate investment community. Founder Julie Hoffman is nothing if not passionate about investing in real estate, that much is certain!

Thrive Mortgage Co. Interview

The gents from Thrive Mortgage Co., Alex McFadyen, Deryk Williamson and Dean Lawton, sit down with Robinson to get the lowdown on The Smith Manoeuvre. And I think I may have converted at least one of them to become a Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional…

Real Estate Investment Network

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) is a leading Canadian membership-based group focused on educating its members on real estate investment in Canada. Watch as CEO Patrick Francey interviews Robinson for REIN’s ‘Always Seeking Knowledge’ webinar on how The Smith Manoeuvre can not only help Canadian homeowners improve their financial well-being, but how the strategy can also take great advantage of investment real estate ownership using the Cash Flow Dam accelerator.

Interview with Kris McCusker of CityNews

A quick two minute explanation of The Smith Manoeuvre with the one and only, Kris McCusker from CityNews in Toronto.

Explore FI Canada – Listener Questions Answered

This was the second time I was invited on the podcast with Chrissy and The Money Mechanic – I guess I messed up too much the first time and they were kind enough to give me another shot..? This time around they prepared by getting out to their listeners in advance to submit questions they needed answers to. I dragged along Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional mortgage broker, Keaton, Kirkwood, just in case there were any really tough questions. Glad I did.

The Well Off Podcast with Georges El Masri

Georges El Masri hosts ‘The Well Off Podcast’ focusing on improving the knowledge and wealth of Canadians surrounding real estate investment. He and Robinson discuss how investment real estate can help you convert your principal residence mortgage to an investment portfolio.

Sean Cooper’s podcast

Robinson is interviewed on Sean Cooper’s podcast. Sean made international headlines when he paid off his mortgage in three years by age 30. Listen to Robinson explain The Smith Manoeuvre ™️and the various accelerators to Sean’s listeners and how the strategy can increase the typical Canadian homeowners net worth by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Real Estate Investor Dad Podcast

Wayne Hillier operates the Real Estate Investor Dad Podcast and runs Prairie Home Investments out of Edmonton, Alberta. Wayne is very active in the real estate sector and has had some very interesting guests on his podcasts. Apparently the universe of interesting guests has been drying up recently as he reached out and asked me to be a guest…luckily we also roped in Keaton Kirkwood, a Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional mortgage broker, to join me to bring the value level back up to above average…

Interview with Realtor, Randy Selzer

Randy Selzer, real estate old-hand, has a chat with Robinson about what is required to make your mortgage tax-deductible in Canada.

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

Adam and Matt Scalena host one of the province’s most popular real estate podcast. Listen here as Robinson Smith, author of, Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, and Kyle Green, one of Canada’s top mortgage brokers, have a fun and informative time with the Scalena boys – Mortgage Hacking Your Way to Financial Freedom Using The Smith Manoeuvre ™️.

The Financial Post Explains The Smith Manoeuvre

If you’ve heard about the Smith Manoeuvre, then you know it’s a smart, but often misunderstood financial strategy

The Smith Manoeuvre and Active Real Estate Investing

Monika Jazyk of RP Investments again interviews Robinson to discuss how The Smith Manoeuvre and active real estate investing go hand-in-hand.

The Smith Manoeuvre Combined with a Personal Pension Plan (Personal Corporation)

If you own a personal corporation and your home, you will be astounded by the power of combining The Smith Manoeuvre with a Personal Pension Plan. Guaranteed!

Interview with ShareYourStories.online

ShareYourStories.onlineis run by Trish Tonaj, an entrepreneur who is dedicated to inspiring others by sharing the stories of those who struck out on their own.

Rational Reminder Podcast

The Rational Reminder Podcast is hosted by Ben Felix and Cameron Passmore. Considering these two gents are portfolio managers at PWL Capital, it’s safe to say they know their stuff. “The Smith Manoeuvre was developed by Fraser Smith as a smart way for Canadians to convert a traditional, non-deductible mortgage into a deductible mortgage by systematically re-borrowing to invest. Today we are joined by Fraser’s son, Robinson, to talk about the Manoeuvre, his father’s legacy and explain how you can use it to your financial advantage. For the last part of our conversation, Robinson gives us some examples from The Smithman Calculator, illustrating just how effective the system can be! Join us on the Rational Reminder Podcast today, to get it all!”

Dave Knight Podcast

This episode is loaded with plenty of actionable tips on how you can make your financial well-being better, especially for Canadians. Your host Dave Knight interviews Rob Smith. Rob is the son of Fraser Smith who invented the Smith Manoeuvre ™️. Rob is now the President over at Smith Consulting Ltd. Dave and Rob dive into deep on how to better understand your taxes, debts and how you can use it to your advantage by paying off your mortgage quicker.

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