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As you enter your income, assets and liabilities, house value and mortgage information, in real time, the calculator will show you your projected benefits while executing The Smith Manoeuvre.

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The Smithman Calculator allows you to input your personal income (various types of income), your assets and liabilities, house value and mortgage information and rates as well as assumptions about investment growth rate.  It also allows you to select or deselect the various accelerators at your discretion.  In addition, it has the flexibility to allow you to see the effect of any debt consolidation or preservation.

On a real time basis – as you make changes – the calculator will show you your projected tax benefit, non-deductible debt amortization improvement, net worth improvement, net value over your existing investment program (if any) and will also indicate how much your current mortgage will truly cost you.  Then you can view and print out the results which also give you your monthly process for that scenario.

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"I have to say, the whole Smith Manoeuvre programme - the website, the book - everything, is so well presented and easy to follow. The Smithman Calculator is my personal favourite - the algorithms that must be built in are phenomenal!"
Steve W.

The SmithMan Calculator

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