Dear Valued Canadian Homeowner,

We would like to inform you of an important change. To uphold the integrity of The Smith Manoeuvre tax-deductible mortgage strategy, we will no longer offer or support The Smith Manoeuvre Homeowner Course or The Smithman Calculator to the general public. While the Course and Smithman Calculator have been incredibly beneficial to many Canadian homeowners and proven very valuable and popular, their very success has necessitated this decision.

It appears that some financial professionals who have not completed The Smith Manoeuvre Certified Accreditation Program have been purchasing the Homeowner Course for further education about the strategy beyond the book and have also been using The Smithman Calculator in their services. While we understand there was no ill intent, this could lead to misunderstandings or assumptions that these professionals are accredited Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professionals (SMCPs) when in fact they are not. Without proper training through the SMCP Accreditation Program, there is a risk of inaccurate advice and Smithman Calculator operation.

Our growing network of Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professionals (SMCPs) will continue to have exclusive access to The Smithman Calculator and are able to provide further educational tools to those interested in pursuing the strategy.

If you need further information and assistance with determining the value of The Smith Manoeuvre for your individual circumstances, we encourage you to connect with an SMCP by simply clicking the “Find and SMCP” button on this webpage.

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