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Three Reasons to Consider The Smith Manoeuvre

Do you have the wrong kind of debt? The kind that is not tax-deductible? Most of us do, and even in the case of ‘good’ non-deductible debt, such as your house mortgage, you can pay so much in interest expense that your other financial goals and priorities suffer. But there is help.

Quiz-Are You Ready for The Smith Manoeuvre

The more questions to which you answer ‘Yes’, the more ready you are to implement The Smith Manoeuvre.

Cash-Finding Tips for The Smith Manoeuvre

There are many ways to track how much money you save on a regular basis and it is highly worth doing so. These tips aren’t just for saving money – they are for saving money and knowing how much you actually saved. This way you can determine an amount with which you are able to prepay the mortgage each month and then re-borrow to get invested to build your net worth even faster.

Goals List

What are your financial goals? What do you want to accomplish? Print this out, write them down, and stick it on the fridge. Sometimes we all need a little reminder about what we are working for and why...

Suggested Reading

The Wealthy Barber - David Chilton

An entertaining read about the importance of creating a personal investment plan...and sticking to it. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just developed and followed

The Wealthy Barber Returns - David Chilton

“Significantly older and marginally wiser, David Chilton offers his unique perspectives on the world of money.”

Rockstar Real Estate Investing - Jessi Johnson And Kyle Green

The authors show you how to use other people’s money with innovative strategies to invest in real estate and increase your net worth. Buy and flip or hold investment properties for the long-term.

Burn Your Mortgage - Sean Cooper

Sean Cooper made international headlines when he paid off his mortgage in just three years by age 30. No nonsense, simple and realistic.

Recommended Websites


Sean Cooper has a great ‘Blogs’ page where he interviews a whole host of experts on subjects such as personal finance and home ownership, mortgage and real estate strategies.


Tom Drake is one of Canada’s better-known personal finance bloggers. On his site you can learn about the various types of credit cards (cashback, student, no-fee, etc), various types of investment channels such as robo-advisors and discount brokerages and how to make, save, invest and spend money...wisely. Tons of podcast interviews with personal finance specialists.

moneysense - logo

A good number of Canada’s brightest personal finance freelancers provide content for the MoneySense site and you can find information on anything from RRSP’s and TFSA’s to dividend investing to retirement advice and case studies.

PMSCA - logo

Budgeting, saving, credit (debt and scores), identity theft...a wide range of resources for learning the basics of personal finance. Almost anything you would care to learn about money.


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