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Dear Financial Professional,

Congratulations on pursuing this course.  It is my hope that the combined content of this course and training in the use of The Smithman Calculator will provide you with two beneficial outcomes: firstly, that you will better understand how you could position yourself to assist your clients with the integration of The Smith Manoeuvre strategy into their financial lives, particularly within the context of the Personal Pension Plan system, and secondly, that you will decide to pursue further expertise in The Smith Manoeuvre financial strategy by becoming a Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional, thus being able to benefit from being a member of the nationwide network of specifically trained professionals and enjoying the referrals and support such membership provides.

This course has been designed to make you knowledgeable in The Smith Manoeuvre in the following areas:

  • Where Canadians currently stand in terms of financial security
  • Types of debt
  • Explanation, required financing and implementation of the strategy
  • Overview and operation of the accelerators
  • Myths, mistakes and other relevant information
  • Costs and risks
  • Common objections
  • The Smithman Calculator operation
  • Integration of The Smith Manoeuvre with the Personal Pension Plan

The Smith Manoeuvre is a unique wealth creation strategy for Canadian homeowners and, when combined with a Personal Pension Plan, can be very powerful for those incorporated Canadians with a personal mortgage and a desire to prepare efficiently for the future.

Congratulations at being at the forefront of this innovative wealth creation strategy.


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Robinson Smith

President – Smith Consulting Group Ltd.

The Smith Manoeuvre

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