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The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ is an extremely efficient method of accomplishing a number of any typical Canadian’s goals simultaneously: eliminate your expensive, non-deductible mortgage debt faster than the banks would have you, generate valuable tax deductions every year, and invest for your future – starting now.

The book, Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, not only explains in detail how you can greatly improve your financial situation using the appropriate home financing structure and nothing but the existing mortgage payment you are already making each month, but the book will also teach you how you can greatly speed up the process using mortgage conversion accelerators.

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The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ Accelerators can help you pay down your mortgage debt faster and increase your portfolio growth. Read more…

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“A must read for those looking to reduce their tax bill and increase their financial security.”
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Canadian Taxpayers FederationThe Taxpayer

“You’re converting mortgage interest into a 100-per-cent tax deduction, year after year, which will garner you nice fat tax refunds.”
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B.C. Business"Home Leverage"

“Loved your book – a few twists to the ‘debt-swap’ I’ve been implementing for years. What a simple and sensible strategy for the everyday Canadian.”  Read more…

Stefano Francescut, CFPBranch Manager, Investment Planning Counsel of Canada

“Smith outlines the techniques for making a mortgage tax deductible in Canada, complete with an endorsement from Preston Manning.”  Read more…

Prince George Free Press

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